new die

I have big plans for this die.



Installation at High Street - round 2. To see the 3-d wallpaper from last year, click here.
This year - installing the giant porcelain print flowers across the wall, strategically placed to hide all the holes from the last piece (which actually makes for a nice composition). I really love this dark wall and having the work placed around a domestic setting.


Topiary II

This piece has another title, but I will save that for another time - it requires a long explanation... Installed at the UC New Faculty show in the Meyers Gallery.
Die cut paper and glue, 43" x 28" x 25"



Slipcast boxers, illuminated with historic china patterns. Originally started here last year, it is nice to add a few more to the pack.
5" x 4" each, porcelain, china paint, and luster.


next in line

I have been sitting on this snarling dog head all summer, putting off the inevitable. It is time to start making molds again. I have a couple ideas for this dog, some referring back to the figurine that it was scanned from - and others that are a little more out there. Must get to work.



"Table Top Topiary", inspired by a recent trip to Versailles last month. I have been obsessed ever since, trying to figure out ways to make my flower balls larger and give them a little more structure. This piece is for the CS13 fundraiser auction this weekend, click here for more info.
Die cut paper and glue, 33" x 18" x 20"



A sneak peek at the window display Mike and I are working on together. We are part of a project that is taking place across the short Vine area of Cincinnati, with groups of artists putting up window displays in vacant buildings. Our building is Sudsy Malones, a rock and roll venue and bar where you could also do laundry while catching a show.
(will post more pictures here once we finish up and add lighting)
12' x 5', porcelain, paper, wood.


flower ball

My first paper flower ball, made from a stockpile of paper scraps. Built just like a rubber band ball - adding paper around and around... with no interior structural support.
die cut paper and glue, 23" x 18".


lion (part 2)

I have been china painting the last few weeks, working on a series of tumblers for Future Retrieval inspired by old illustrations. Using the borders from one of the books, I decided to dress up the lion head by adding a band across the eyes. More to come.
porcelain and china paint.


Dresdener Print Flower

Dresdener Flower Print, 22' x 10' x 8". Porcelain and hand cut paper.

Gallery installation, Prairie.
"PVR's Garden" aka the squirrel chandelier, porcelain, cut paper, neon, yarn, and metal. Made in collaboration with Guy Michael Davis. To see more images from the show, click here.


carnival chalk lions

"mouthful", porcelain, 24" x 14", edition of two.

Carnival Chalk Lions, installation view (see here and here).

"spewing flowers" porcelain, 11" x 23".


silhouette scrim

Images of "silhouette scrim" installation at Prairie. Hand cut scrim pieces derived from morphed German cut paper silhouettes. The white cut paper overlay is pinned into and onto the background. I had no idea how much the white would erase the colors behind it, a very nice effect.
7' x 7' x 3", cut paper, pins, staples.


setting up

a quick shot of the installation going up at Prairie last week. Good pictures of the entire show coming shortly...


Small Favors V

"Boxers Illuminated" porcelain and china paint, 4" x 4" x 4" at Small Favors V. Love this pattern.


show card

The postcard for my upcoming show at Prairie. The show is in collaboration with Guy Michael Davis, and is possible through a City of Cincinnati Arts Grant that we received this September. I will have several new paper and porcelain pieces, and then together Guy and I have something crazy up our sleeves. Stay tuned - it should be grand.


faculty show

UC Faculty Show 2010. A combination of a couple ideas from this year, combining the die cuts I just had made with a wolf head using similar patterning. The gold leaf back plate is from an earlier show this year, but looks really striking combined with the blue and white.
"Wolfie Illuminated" paper, porcelain, china paint, gold leaf, 28" x 30"x 7.5", 2010.


die cut

I finally had some of the images I have been hand cutting turned into dies. And they are amazing. I love how the edges are so round and precise - and the fact that my name is metal etched on each die. Very cool. Starting to feel like everything is coming together for May...


casting (studio shot)

Casting like crazy. I have some ideas for how these will be displayed and hung - and at this point just need to get them all in and out of the kiln in one piece. And now. The individual flowers are slowly turning into swarms with smaller flowers and crystals engulfing them....


massive (part two)

The first round of giant flowers are out of the kiln, and I am super pleased with the results. This is exactly what I needed - to motivate me to start casting like crazy. Right now.


studio work

Studio shot of the lion head in the works... Not sure where this is going, but I think the color palette - which at this point is completely accidental - is really nice. Now, I just need to make the mold of the head and keep casting.



Layer two and layer one respectively, of a hanging scrim paper piece I have been working on. The background has gone through a couple changes, (see here) but after I ruined my sewing machine I decided on stapling the paper together. Actually works very well. Still messing with layer two - I really want it to hover away from the background. More to come...
Hand cut paper pinned and stapled, 6.5' x 7'.


scientific structure

One more porcelain tile that appears to be from the bottom of an old scale. Both tiles are off to State of the Art 2010, a National Biennial Ceramics Invitational in Indiana that opens next month. "Scientific Structure" found porcelain slab, china paint, 13" x 9" x 1.5", 2009


the lion

New three-d printout from a found piece of antique chalkware. I was drawn to this lion head because of the strange, flat but rounded face. With the help of collaborator Guy Davis and a City of Cincinnati Artist Grant, I was able to have the object scanned, enlarged and printed. And, I love how the some of the lines are raised and looked combed through (I hope that shows in the end) Next step - a LOT of mold making.