a few more

Nymphenburg Still Life installation, approx. 30' x 6' x 22", porcelain, cut paper, neon, wood, gold leaf
Alphonso Taft Busts, installation, approx. 45' x 20' x12', porcelain, decals, china paint, luster
Hy-Que Monkey(s) installation view
 Lithophane Tumblers, installation view
Wolfie and Honey Bear Vases, collaboration with Rookwood Pottery, 11" x 8" x 6", porcelain 

A few more from our show at Belger/Red Star. All the images from the show are posted here if you want to see more.
About the show: Two 2003 graduates of the renowned Kansas City Art Institute Ceramics Department return to Kansas City to install site-specific work at the Belger Arts Center and Red Star Studios. Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis both teach at the University of Cincinnati and frequently create installations as a team known as Future Retrieval. For the upcoming Kansas City installation, Parker and Davis visited the Belger Arts Center and Red Star Studios along with the Belger Foundation art collection. Responding to the works they found, Parker and Davis are creating new work using archival molds found at the Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati. Belger Arts Center gallery assistant Mo Dickens said, “I have known both these young artists since their sophomore year at KCAI. We stayed in touch through their MFA years at Ohio State University and I think they are making very interesting work. After seeing work that was created for the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati, we are very excited to see how these two will respond to the Belger Collection.” This exhibition is a collaboration between Belger Art Center and Red Star Studios.