I have been working on paper garland using die cut atoms, molecules, and snowflakes - and sewing them together with red thread. This is partly for Non Fiction and also a test for a larger version I am working on for our show next month. More pictures coming soon.


The Faculty Show

Work from The Faculty Show at the University of Cincinnati - DAAP. Guy and I both put in pieces from this summer - as well as a progression of Non Fiction ideas using the Protobird. Pretty fancy...


a couple more

More pieces from Dresden.
"His Master's Voice"
7" x 5.5", green and white porcelain

"Swamp Rat"
10" x 4", green and white porcelain.


Back from Dresden

Our residency in Dresden went WAY too fast - but as a group we made a ton of work. I managed to get several pieces onto the plane, and the rest is on the way back to Columbus care of FedEx. Here is my best piece...
"Flowered Eyed Mops" 11.5" x 7.5", porcelain, 2008.


Dresden Porcelain Factory

For the last two weeks I have been working at Dresden Porcelain - a very fine manufactory in Germany. Myself and three other artists have been given access to their slip (which beats anything I have ever used) and several of their historical molds. It has been amazing - we have been working like dogs trying to use every minute we have in the factory. Here are a couple of work in progress images...The double Mops head with the tiniest flowers available - I want to cover everything with them.
Buckminster Rooster vase
My shared drying area with Mike - our end of the week lineup.


Publication is okay

I am really excited to be part of Fragiles, a touring show of porcelain, glass, and ceramic that started at Design Miami last December. Since then it has been shown in Kortrijk Belgium, and the next stop is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. An amazing book has also been published, featuring my work and a collaboration with Guy. Curated and produced by Gestalten, in Berlin. Definitely worth checking out - there are some amazing artists represented.


Double Protobirds

They seem to work better in pairs...
porcelain, decals, luster, china paint, 2008.


3-D bird

Mike's bird from the 3D printer - I glazed it, added some chrome holes (or polka dots), and filled them with Non Fiction Fire Ants. Looks better already.
porcelain with decals, 7.5" x 5.5", 2008.


Small Favors

My piece for the annual Small Favors show at The Clay Studio in Philly. Each piece is built to fit into a 3.75" inch clear cube. The back of the tile fits into the cube, and extends out from each side.
"Architectural Folly" porcelain, screenprinted enamel, 2008.


non ficiton - the site

Non Fiction Design is now up and running! A collective effort with some amazing artists - we are making porcelain lamps, invasive species dinnerware, wallpaper swags, and more. The website is: nonfictiondesigncollective.com



Bedside light made from porcelain and hand hammered wet factory brick - comes with a removable enameled restaurant china cup - Flicker light direct wired through brick.
8.5" x 8" x 4", 2008.


non fiction

This is what I have been up to lately. A collaborative effort with Rebecca Harvey called non fiction.
Check out the blog - we will be uploading new images over the next couple weeks...
Here is a sneak peek from the blue bricks series


the karmann ghia

A perfect match. Floral pop wallpaper and Guy's ghia. Studio shot, 2008.


floral pop wallpaper

Hanging chains of hand cut paper sewn together. Each chain approx. 10' tall and 6" wide. Overall size 10' x 10.5'. Plastic beads, tacks, paper, string, and hooks. 2008.


pachyderm architecture

This is from a new tile series, inspired by the brick factory pieces. The tiles are too big for my photo table, so this is the aerial view. Terra cotta with white slip and silkscreened enamels.
22.25" x 7" x 1", 2008.


small tile

8" x 10" porcelain tile with china paint. 2008.