hy-que monkey

"Hy-Que Monkey(the start of the hunt)", 13.5" x 8" x 7", porcelain and china paint

"Hy-Que Monkey in Captivity" 28' x 4' x 7.5", porcelain, hand printed wallpaper, wood. 


wallpaper trial

Hand printed wallpaper, round two. 6 layers - each separated by color or tone. This is so much better than the previous method, with was SUPER slow and complicated. I think I can actually print more than one panel this time.



Test #1. YES. Milled from a photo I took of Guy and Chewy last year, snapped mid yawn. This piece will be Future Retrieval's contribution to BYOB (bring your own beamer) this Friday night at the CAC, curated by Jordan Tate. I am also teaching a tile class next quarter at UC, and want to incorporate lithophanes into the coursework, so this is officially a test.
porcelain, 4.5" x 6.5"


Installation, Still[ed] Life

An overall panorama shot of my installation with Guy Michael Davis, Still[ed] Life at the Taft Museum of Art. The show consists of ten busts of Alphonso Taft, father of William Howard Taft and founder of the Skull and Bones. We were drawn to his stoic pose and the mean carbuncle on his head.

There are also five porcelain still lives, inspired by Dutch painter Balthasar van der Ast. The Taft has one van der Ast painting, and it is the only new addition to their historic collection. For more images of the show and process photos, click here.
(photos above courtesy of Jordan Tate)


up next

The show at the Taft is up and running, and I will be posting more photos soon. Guy and myself are currently working (non-stop) on our next collaborative piece, "Hy-que Monkey in Captivity" a large installation for here. at the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts Museum. I snapped a quick studio shot yesterday of one of the five oval backdrops, fresh from the cnc mill here at DAAP.
4' x 2' x 1.5", handprinted wallpaper and wood


alphonso (sevres)

One of ten Alphonso Taft busts that Guy and myself designed for "Still[ed] Life" currently on view at the Taft Museum of Art. I love the way the pattern camouflages his features, and how matte the pink china paint looks. (porcelain and china paint, 12" x 7" x 5.5")

The Taft's Sevres tureen that inspired the piece.


still[ed] life

The postcard for Still[ed] Life which officially opened last Friday morning at the Taft Museum. It is a collaborative effort between myself and Guy Michael Davis, the result of almost a year's worth of work . We will both be posting images from the show over the next few weeks, so be sure to check here and here. Also, a write up in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


punk rock

I was recently asked by a friend to print a backdrop for a comprehensive display of his UK punk 45s collection. Since I have been printing wallpaper for an upcoming project in Philly, I decided to take the imagery and go with Union Jack colors for the florals. (the amazing wallpaper on the left is by Terence Hammonds)


pink noise

Pink Noise is a sound/print/ceramic collaboration between myself, Guy Michael Davis, and Gen Ken Montgomery. Ken is a sound artist, founder of the Ministry of Lamination, and runs ATMOTW from his amazing digs in NYC. We worked together a couple years ago at UC to create a sonic tour of the ceramics department, which is now out on vinyl. Guy and myself printed the record covers, while Ken worked on the record. A little bit about Pink Noise:
1/f Noise was an immersive listening performance where people were led one by one, blindfolded, down eight flights of stairs, through corridors, in and out of room with firing kilns, clay mixers, buffering machines and ventilation ducts.



Busy working on my upcoming show at the Taft Museum of Art with Guy Michael Davis, which opens in early August. Shown here is Mr. Taft, currently in the middle of a deluxe Sevres treatment (top) and chinoiserie face and neck tats (bottom).


a sneak peek

From the Model Citizens show at the Chelsea Art Museum last weekend.
Check out Future Retrieval for the rest...


hand printing

I have been screen printing a giant floral backdrop with Guy for an upcoming show during Design Week. Inspired by the unicorn tapestries, we have burned over 40 screens and are printing them layer by layer with our studio assistant. Our work will be installed at the Chelsea Art Museum - in a show organized by Model Citizens NYC so we will be in excellent company.

(a couple original drawings with each color separated) The show runs from Friday May 13th through Sunday May 15th. More photos and installation shots to come...



My piece for Small Favors, an annual show at The Clay Studio in Philly.
"Bouquet" die cut paper and glue. 12.5" x 8"



"Beast(overall)" porcelain, china paint, and luster. 12" x 7.5" x 8"


dog (topiary)

the start to a pack of topiary hunting dogs... heads and tails are in the works.


overall pattern

Work in progress. China paint on porcelain.


coming along

The dog head is coming along very nicely. After getting the first few waste casts out, the mold is working like magic. I am getting ready to block out a nice long weekend to start patterning this sucker.