3-d scan of a tiny, tiny flower from Dresden Germany. I have several of these small handmade flowers, and for over a year I have been debating on what to do with them. So, with grant money I recently received, I had one three dimensionally scanned and enlarged to almost 12" across. Here are the printouts - the ridges that move around the petals are actually the fingerprints of the woman who made the piece. Crazy. The flower on the right is a smaller printout, about 4" across. Time to start making molds.


in the studio

Guy (Mike) and I have been gearing up for a big installation at Country Club Projects. We have combined our skills to create one of kind pieces, mixing taxidermy with some intensive china painting. The work is inspired by French Palissy Ware, English Majolica, and Kaendler's work at Meissen. The installing begins early next week, so more photos to come.