Small Favors

My piece for the annual Small Favors show at The Clay Studio in Philly. Each piece is built to fit into a 3.75" inch clear cube. The back of the tile fits into the cube, and extends out from each side.
"Architectural Folly" porcelain, screenprinted enamel, 2008.


non ficiton - the site

Non Fiction Design is now up and running! A collective effort with some amazing artists - we are making porcelain lamps, invasive species dinnerware, wallpaper swags, and more. The website is: nonfictiondesigncollective.com



Bedside light made from porcelain and hand hammered wet factory brick - comes with a removable enameled restaurant china cup - Flicker light direct wired through brick.
8.5" x 8" x 4", 2008.