"blue bird" tiles

Slip cast porcelain tiles with silkscreened enamels, 6.5"x6.5" each. 2006.

Close Up (toilet tank)


The Toilet Tank


An actual lid to a toilet tank. China painted surface, fired multiple times. Will this actually fit onto my toilet? I don't know. I think it might look better on the wall... 2006.


Work in Progress


Just something I am messing around with right now. Will post more pictures as this gets better and bigger - paper with porcelain pieces - with a cut paper pattern on top. Right now it is just on the floor on top of some butcher paper.

"Birds in Spring II"


Companion piece to Birds in Spring. Same everything.

Close up shot


"Birds in Spring"


10"x4"x.5". China paint and decals on porcelain. Sold.

"Birds in Fall"


Mike's favorite. This is hanging in our kitchen right now. Porcelain tile with decals and china paint. 13"x5"x.5"

"Wallpaper Bomb"


One of my favorite pieces. China paint on porcelain, 12"x 16". Sold.

Another version - 16" x 25".

"Black and White" closeup


"Black and White"


Handcut paper and porcelain wallpaper. 8'x4'x7".(in depth) The black overlay hangs about 6" from the background work.