sewn curtains

I have been working on a new cut paper series - wall panel/scrims that are completely sewn together. This way the piece can be hung in multiple ways and places very easily. Some of the earlier cut paper works were double stick taped to the wall - and as a result were only installed one time. Plus, the sewn lines look so beautiful - with out a doubt worth all the hassle. Each panel will be at least 4x 8' - not quite sure if anything will go in front of them. This is the first segment I have finished - shown on the wall and in a window.

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kristin said...

Hey Katie! It's kristin--found your blog on the KCAI alumni page. Will you guys be in Chicago again for the Renegade craft fair? I'll be working one of the booths on the 6th. If you're here we should get a drink or something!

(P.S. Love your work and these curtains)