brick factory

These are images from a short residency this summer at the Belden brick factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I used red brick without holes, and silk screened onto the surface using enamels and colorants from the factory. Each brick has carved notches and can be hung on a wall, or just placed around the house.



I just bought a letterpress (an old sign press) at the Ohio State Fair of all places, and it is amazing. I have started carving linoleum blocks, and printing on paper similar to the way I am doing my plates and tiles. The best part is being able to add layer on top of layer, and turn the foreground into the background. Here are some of the first prints...


new plates

I have been silkscreening plates and cups like crazy this summer, getting ready for Renegade Chicago, September 15 and 16. (sharing a booth with Guy Michael Davis)


spring green cont.

A finished strip - 5'x 15' x 4". Layers of hand cut paper and sewing pins, 2007.