Small Favors IV

My Small Favors piece - year #3. An annual show at The Clay Studio of work sized to fit into a 4" cube. I took the rapid prototyped tiny Wolfie and added floral eyes and base. My realistic china painting skills are improving- I have been secretly practicing in my studio.
"Small time Spring" porcelain, china paint, luster. Smaller than 4".


blue and white - test #1

A new tile series I am working on... The tiles are slipcast porcelain and are 20" long by 9" high. Each tile is around 5 lbs - so they are nice and thick. More to come.



This porcelain tile with china paint is off to the Kansas City Art Institute Art and Design Auction. It happens every two years and I am flattered to be asked to donate work again. KCAI is an amazing place where I received the best education possible - and will always support them in any way I can.
"Wander" porcelain tile with china paint and screenprinted enamels, 8" x 10", 2008.