sneak peek

A close up image of a piece in the works. Hand cut paper and hydrostone wallpaper.


I thought this was a fox....

Another large wall tile - I did my best to preserve some of the white space, which is pretty hard for me. Multiple layers of silkscreened enamels and china paint. 12" x 16". Porcelain, 2007.


another batch

I am keeping with the taxidermy theme of the previous vinyl posting. The two seem to go hand in hand - I am using Mike's collections and art, and letting my patterns fall right into the background. Laser cut vinyl, sizes variable. 2007.


new wall tiles

12" x 16" porcelain tiles with handpainted and silkscreened enamels and china paint, 2007. Will be available through the shiny squirrel in November.


cups and ovals

Pictures of new cups and oval plates - silkscreened glaze and enamel on restaurant china. 2007.


vinyl wall pieces

I am in the process of turning several of my cut paper pieces into vinyl wall stickers; so that they are easy to set up and take down, and accessible to more people. I turned my studio yesterday into a fake room set up and took some "interior" shots.
Eames chair, tag board, molding, vinyl, taxidermy. 8'x12'.


brick factory

These are images from a short residency this summer at the Belden brick factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I used red brick without holes, and silk screened onto the surface using enamels and colorants from the factory. Each brick has carved notches and can be hung on a wall, or just placed around the house.



I just bought a letterpress (an old sign press) at the Ohio State Fair of all places, and it is amazing. I have started carving linoleum blocks, and printing on paper similar to the way I am doing my plates and tiles. The best part is being able to add layer on top of layer, and turn the foreground into the background. Here are some of the first prints...


new plates

I have been silkscreening plates and cups like crazy this summer, getting ready for Renegade Chicago, September 15 and 16. (sharing a booth with Guy Michael Davis)


spring green cont.

A finished strip - 5'x 15' x 4". Layers of hand cut paper and sewing pins, 2007.


spring green wallpaper

Hand cut paper wallpaper (a work in progress).. close up image.


new tiles (long)

Slipcast porcelain tiles, with silkscreened enamels and hand cut decals.
16.5"x 4.5"x .5", 2007.


window display

9' x 5' x 2' , hand cut and printed paper curtains, hand and laser cut vinyl stickers, 2007.



A collaboration with Guy Davis, porcelain slipcast vase with silkscreened enamels and china paint - 11.25"x 9"x 6", 2007.


my booth

Photo of my booth from Art Star, Philadelphia PA. 10'x 10'. Silkscreened restaurant china, slipcast scrolls and tiles.


more work

Images of pieces for the Art Star Craft Bazaar - in Philadelphia June 2-3.

"The Roar of a Lion" porcelain wall tile (close up).

Porcelain plates silkscreened with enamels and china paints


new work

This a piece that I have been messing around with in my studio. I have been trying to decide on a background - and then decided to just add more layers to the foreground...
biscuit and glazed porcelain - size unknown at this point


symmetry of a pattern

Hand cut paper wallpaper. 12' x 9'. Hung with double stick tape and a level.


Chewy the Dog

This is a piece for Small Favors II - a yearly show put on by The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. The art has to fit into a 3.75" x 3.75" x 3.75" clear cube. Not as easy as it sounds! Silkscreened porcelain, magnets. (front and side view)


close up (deers and deers)


Just installed this piece on a cream wall - the vinyl decal shows up a lot clearer. I think the details in this shot are beautiful...
2007. 65" x 34". 16 slipcast porcelain tiles with silkscreened enamels and china paints. background - white laser cut vinyl.




Porcelain and hand cut paper, 2007. Installed at the Cerlan Gallery in Louisville, KY. 7' x 9.5' x 8".


"Deers and Deers"


16 porcelain tiles with silkscreened china paint, enamel, and underglaze. Background - white laser cut vinyl scrolls.
Size 65" x 34". 2007.

Cut Paper Curtains



Hand cut paper curtains from cardstock - dimensions vary. Can be custom made to fit any window. Right now I am working on having curtains laser cut from plastic...


ornamental scroll


Slipcast porcelain, fired without glaze to temperature. 17" x 5" x 1". Just a one off cast at this point, will be part of a larger wall piece(coming soon).

ornamental scroll(close up)



"Auntie's Wallpaper"


Handcut paper and porcelain wallpaper. Maximum size 10'x10'. 2006.

close up and far away


floor tile design (lion)

Porcelain tile with silkscreened enamels and china paint, 2007. 6.5"x6.5"x.25"