show card

The postcard for my upcoming show at Prairie. The show is in collaboration with Guy Michael Davis, and is possible through a City of Cincinnati Arts Grant that we received this September. I will have several new paper and porcelain pieces, and then together Guy and I have something crazy up our sleeves. Stay tuned - it should be grand.


faculty show

UC Faculty Show 2010. A combination of a couple ideas from this year, combining the die cuts I just had made with a wolf head using similar patterning. The gold leaf back plate is from an earlier show this year, but looks really striking combined with the blue and white.
"Wolfie Illuminated" paper, porcelain, china paint, gold leaf, 28" x 30"x 7.5", 2010.


die cut

I finally had some of the images I have been hand cutting turned into dies. And they are amazing. I love how the edges are so round and precise - and the fact that my name is metal etched on each die. Very cool. Starting to feel like everything is coming together for May...