porcelain forest

Turns out the small wolfie head fits perfectly on this twisted protobird... And, looks even better with a flashy floral ball siting in a porcelain forest.
"Ornamental Masked Wolfie", porcelain and gold luster, 8" x 12", 2009.



I just found this in my photos and realized I have never shown it. From my Dresden residency last summer...
"Floral Growth" porcelain with hand applied flowers, 11" x 7", 2008.


currently working on....

This wolf head. It was a plaster cast from a 3-D printout of a smaller plaster wolf head I found in an antique mall. I have been carving away, changing the angles into hard lines. It will be nice with some sort of floral garland... More to come.


Polka Dot Mops

We have been using this red china paint at Non Fiction - but I am just now realizing how amazing it is... The dog is transformed, seeming like it has been dipped in plastic. I put many, many layers of surface on before trying out the red - and I love it. The added ants and flower eyes seem to help.
Porcelain, china paint, plaster base. 5.75" x 7", 2009.