done and done

The two pieces I have been working on over the last couple of weeks. I love them - especially the blue and white version. Nice and crisp, but definitely different from what I set out thinking. The illuminated forms responds with what we have been doing over at Future Retrieval, and will ultimately be shown with that work.


one more time

Okay, so I have taken this idea a little bit further... I could be crazy, but it looks like it could turn out beautifully - yellow china paint with gold patterning. Mike and I have been on an illuminated kick - working together on pieces that reference medieval hunting scenes. Take a look here to see more. I decided to try my skills on a larger form - and this faceted wolf head is perfect. Stay tuned. (the post below seems so simple now)


part two

Finally, some progress. (see here) Now for step two - china painting. I have outlined a pattern of cut silhouettes across the face that seem to be flowing from the inside of the mouth. This is just one version in the works, but I really enjoy the way the thin lines of the marker look...