pink noise

Pink Noise is a sound/print/ceramic collaboration between myself, Guy Michael Davis, and Gen Ken Montgomery. Ken is a sound artist, founder of the Ministry of Lamination, and runs ATMOTW from his amazing digs in NYC. We worked together a couple years ago at UC to create a sonic tour of the ceramics department, which is now out on vinyl. Guy and myself printed the record covers, while Ken worked on the record. A little bit about Pink Noise:
1/f Noise was an immersive listening performance where people were led one by one, blindfolded, down eight flights of stairs, through corridors, in and out of room with firing kilns, clay mixers, buffering machines and ventilation ducts.



Busy working on my upcoming show at the Taft Museum of Art with Guy Michael Davis, which opens in early August. Shown here is Mr. Taft, currently in the middle of a deluxe Sevres treatment (top) and chinoiserie face and neck tats (bottom).