Back from Dresden

Our residency in Dresden went WAY too fast - but as a group we made a ton of work. I managed to get several pieces onto the plane, and the rest is on the way back to Columbus care of FedEx. Here is my best piece...
"Flowered Eyed Mops" 11.5" x 7.5", porcelain, 2008.



WOWWEE! Your work is AMAZING! I found you on etsy (I have a shop too!) I'm so glad I followed the link to your blog...so inspiring!

I recently got back into pottery...but my Mom is a printmaking teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago, so...I've been experimenting! I am obsessed with Natural History, Cabinets of Curiousity and such....so of course it was love at first site when I laid my eyes on your work!

I also love Laura Zindel and Diana Fayt's work. Anyway, I'm going to link you on my blog, and write about you and nonfiction soon! Stop by and visit sometime!

Warm Regards,
xo Lavona


Charming Sam said...

I've been watching your recent posts with much interest. Your work is really amazing and I love this piece. Nice.

Katie Parker said...

Thank you so much!