new work

This a piece that I have been messing around with in my studio. I have been trying to decide on a background - and then decided to just add more layers to the foreground...
biscuit and glazed porcelain - size unknown at this point


Katie said...

Hi Katie,

I just linked to your blog from modishoppe and I just want to tell you that I LOVE your work! I have never seen this sort of art before, it's so unique and beautiful. Do you have a shop with pieces for sale (apart from modishoppe)? I would love to buy one of your bird designs for my home. You can contact me at: katie@cocoonjewellery.com or visit my new website www.cocoonjewellery.com.
Keep up the good work!

From another fellow Katie ;)

Christy-Anne said...

Your work is really lovely!...I like your decision not to add colour to the background of this, the simplicity of the piece is what makes it so effective, and by leaving out colour, the negative spaces are enhanced and create more pay with different pattern forms